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5 of the BEST MEN’S WATCHES and the men to emulate to demonstrate your higher value… Who are they, which watch brands do they wear and why should you consider them when you create your image and be yourself? As we

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Women’s Watches

10 EASY mistakes anyone can make researching women’s watches, and how to avoid them.  Some of these ideas for researching women’s watches could really save you, in terms of money spent, time lost or even embarrassment if you get it

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Fossil watch - Amongst the best watch brands Australia has

Watch Brands

5 top features of Watch Brands to ask about or you’ll miss out.  We advise you on the best watch brands and watch manufacturers, and in this article we focus on the qualities to look for so you can consider

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SMARTWATCH Australia - reviews for you

Read about the SMARTWATCH AUSTRALIA LOVES but interestingly not many people in Australia know about. Where did it come from? Crowdfunding? Apple? Yes and no... read more to find out the secret!

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How to find the right watch for you

If you already know what you want, be it the best men's watch or the best women's watch, you can go straight to our watch reviews. Do make sure you check out our information explaining more about the best watch brands and watch manufacturers (you'll learn some differences between the two here).

Men's watches, women's watches, smart watches, sports watches; there are so many watches, how do you find the right one? Yes, there are hundreds if not thousands of watches you can look at, but no worries, we are here to help.

If you jump straight into looking at hundreds or thousands of watches without some form of filtering process, you can get into an overload situation where you are not sure what you want any more. This can detract from your experience.

That’s why we aim to be clear and more direct so you can compare watches and brands and find the right watch to buy FAST. Whatever it is you're looking to do it will be quicker and easier with us. We don’t want to ‘muck about’ or take your valuable time. That's much more the Australian way, don't you think?

So in order to help prevent overload we have created some helpful watch guides. They tell you how it might help you to think about your needs (that is, help you identify your needs), and Watch Brand or Manufacturer features (that is, what each brand or manufacture can offer). When these meet you're in a safe zone! It makes it easier for you, for sure. So do check out our Watch Features guide, and match these features with the qualities you'll find in our Watch Brands guide.

Also be sure to read through our Men's Watch page on 5 of the best men to emulate when you want to subtly yet certainly increase your inherent personal value. Ladies if you're looking for a men's watch for your man, you'll find a lot of useful information here too.

And while we have your attention, do check out our Women's Watches page which will lead you into some great watch ideas, and help you find the best watch. In fact the lessons here are applicable to anyone researching watches, it's not just for the ladies. Sound cool? Then let's go!

One final point we want to reiterate: Yes, we are Australian! So if you search for best men's watches Australia, you’ll be sure to find us.

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Wrist Watch Review Australia

What are the top 5 wristwatch features?

You've come to the right place to learn about the key watch features to look for when you want to research men's watches women's watches, watch brands and smart watches.

Here we cover the key topics in a summary, and later we'll explain in more detail about each of these. The summaries allow you to become an expert in the key topics in minutes. The greater detail that will follow will help you gain greater in-depth understanding and expertise.

This will save you time, as it can take weeks visiting various local watch and jewellery shops, and asking questions and talking to several vendors and jewellers.

It will also short cut your time surfing the thousands of website articles about their various watches and their features. Why don't the authors of those pages on other websites realise it is not that helpful to have a page as long as your arm waxing-lyrical about their own prejudices? I guess they're really just trying to sell themselves!

Summary - the top 5 key wristwatch features

1. Looks/Form

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and wrist watches are no exception. And it's true that beauty isn't necessarily the look you're going for. How the appearance of the watch appeals to you is important. Sometimes functionality can be sacrificed for looks, as with dress watches, and other times the function creates the exact look one is after, be it modern, sport, high-tech or whatever. Within any function category you can find they are achieved in different ways to give a range of forms. In our reviews we tell you about the aspects to look for, so you can choose easily.

2. Function

Telling the time is one thing. The essential thing no doubt if we are to call it a watch! Telling you the date as well as time can be important to many, though perhaps not essential for a dress watch. In some cases telling the time is taken for granted and the main quality the watch needs relates to its desired use, for example it may need to be water proof to be useful as a diving watch. Function is about identifying the primary purpose. Then there can be all sorts of additional functions to support your needs (and this starts to get into the area of functionality).

3. Price

When you want to buy a wristwatch be it for yourself or as a gift, price sets what you pay. I'd encourage you to recognise that price can be viewed as the money you spend to buy, the money it takes to get it in your hands (if delivery is required) or even in greater depth or sophistication as a 'whole of life cycle' cost. A watch brand that is recognised to be at the upper price range of high-value watches may give you the opportunity to demonstrate higher value (ie. that you can afford it).

Many of us, me included, are conditioned to look for a discount or bargain or at the added value when we make a purchase. If the watch dies within a short (unexpected) time frame (which suggests poor quality) and you have to buy another or if you need to often replace a battery or if you need to get it serviced and there are costs to those things, then these costs could also be considered as part of the life cycle cost.

Sure enough there is a distinction at this point it really helps to recognise, and it is captured in a well-known quote: "Price is what you pay, Value is what you get". This is a nice 'segway' to the next key feature.

4. Value

Value relates to the top three key features of course. When you consider more closely you see value depends on all the features and what they mean to you. For some people value is directly linked to the price you pay, and possibly when compared to the price others might pay. Others who know their watch brands know that for them, value can be wearing the right brand or matching their desired look. Still for others, value is getting more help in their daily lives from the one device.

5. Functionality

Does the watch do a lot of things? Does it need to? The right functionality is achieved when the functions provided suit your needs. A simple clear face design might support a look of elegance while providing immediate time telling function. To dress up for an elegant night out this could fit the bill.

However if you are watching your exercise regime closely, the potential feedback of how many steps taken that week for example may just be the function you're looking for. If you want the watch to be an asset you could desire a solid gold wrist band for example, or to be a classic that will be recognised and desired by collectors. Comfort, fit and the things that go with it (for example metallic, cloth or leather watch band) can also be considered within functionality.

When you feel you understand the key features to look for, you can start to see the features that stand out as important to you. This then really helps with the next step which is to compare wrist watches, and naturally the place to do that is Wrist Watch Review Australia.