Are Elite Watches Any Good

Are Elite Watches Any Good

Today we are answering the question, “are Elite watches any good?” Readers have asked this question numerous times and so we thought it is about time to put it in writing what we know about them. Read on to learn more and find an answer to the question.

Disambiguation on Elite Watches

First of all, we need to set out the disambiguation and clarify the term Elite. Most common use in Australia probably is for the Elite branded watches. The alternative many Aussies will use the term “elite” for is well, any high priced or exclusive watch brand. We will look at both to make sure we answer your questions.

The elite watch brand

The elite brand watches come from Elite Modelling Agency.

Some of these watches only have Elite printed on the face. The correct company name is Elite Model Management. The company, founded in Paris in 1972, and they are a global company these days. Certainly, the Elite brand is recognised internationally.

They have 50 agencies in five countries.

Some Elite brand watches only have “elite” printed on their face. There is nothing about their link with the modelling agency on some, which may prompt you to ask about them.

are elite watches any good
You may well ask “Are elite watches any good?” When there is only a marking showing “elite” it can be difficult to know anything about these watches.

Like many brands, Elite modelling agency do not make their own watches themselves. They have them made in a factory to their specifications. For sure, they have their own label printed on there as part of their specs.

Appearance – Are Elite watches Any Good?

As you would expect, there is no shortage of links with the fashion industry and designers, so their watches do look gorgeous!

Therefore, as far as function goes, these watches primary function is to look good (after the necessity of actually being able to tell the time). They are typically dress watches. In addition, you have association with many gorgeous models, which can give you a similar look. So we give them a big two thumbs up.

Performance – Are Elite watches any good?

Well, unfortunately we have not been able to find out in which factory makes them for elite. We suspect that Elite modelling agency contracts out to different companies from time to time, so the answer to where are they made could change.

So on performance we are not able to determine the quality of the mechanics beneath the face. We expect they are a standard fashion watch. On this basis, the performance would not be any worse than any other private label branded fashion watch.

Conclusion – Are Elite watches any good?

The answer for Elite watch brand is that yes they do serve well as a dress watch.

What about elite watches meaning exclusive, rare or high priced watches. Are they any good? Let’s take a gander.

Are elite (rare or high priced) watches any good?

In this case, by “elite” we mean luxury, exclusive, rare or high priced watches. We ask, “Are they any good?”

Well, first we have to answer, “It depends!”

The reason is that it is too broad. We can however make some generalisations.

Let’s agree that in this case elite watches are expensive watch brands that make their own watches in their own factories. Typically, these are Swiss watch brands. Many of them have been around for many decades. Some have been in existence for over a hundred years.

These watches are mechanical masterpieces!

Background to elite watches

Switzerland created laws and tax concessions that encouraged their watch industry to develop and grow over a hundred years ago. Elite watch brands like Omega started in Switzerland. Louis Brandt established Omega in 1848 in Switzerland.

Some elite watch brands started elsewhere and moved to Switzerland due to their positive treatment. An example is one of the greatest watch brands, Rolex. Rolex, founded in London, England in 1905, moved to Geneva, Switzerland in 1919.

It was a brilliant move to create a hub of watch-making innovation and support by the country and has ensured a strong manufacturing industry there to this day.

The watches made there in Switzerland are obviously not made in China. While there are pockets of manufacturing excellence in China, I do not expect any of them to be in the analogue watch industry.

In Switzerland however, it is different. The Swiss industry is the world leader, and has been almost since the start of manufacturing watches (fob watches originally).

luxury elite watches any good
Swiss luxury or elite watches are good, very good. The best analogue watches in the world, in general, due to generations of experience. All that comes at a cost mind you!

So number one thing we can say is there is a high density of expertise there in Switzerland with generations of experience.

Why is that important? Well, there are two essential parts to the overall making of these elite watches.

  1. There is the mechanical portion.
  2. Then there is the artistic, hand-crafted portion.

A great elite watch has these two parts in beautiful unison and both require experience.

Therefore, these exclusive, rare and typically high priced watches i.e. elite watches are good; in fact, they are awesome in that regard.

If you want to see a good example of why these elite watches are worthy, then check out this Bloomberg YouTube video showing what often goes into making them. The example here is for the Swiss luxury watch brand Arnold and Son.


Back to Elite Watches

Now returning to Elite modelling agency watch brand watches. We asked if they were any good and said it depends on their supplier, as they don’t actually manufacture their own. However many of the Swiss watchmaking companies produce good standard mechanics and supply them to order with private label and designs. It is a major second-tier business. Plenty of expertise goes into these watches.

I suspect a good price mark-up comes with the elite brand, but then hey, many branded watches can command this. They have a strong association with the fashion industry and the models themselves. So why not?

There is genuine value in being associated with Elite brand for the wearer. That association sub-consciously evokes images of high fashion.

For the wearer, you have the knowledge that many models worldwide are wearing these watches.

You can feel good about that.

Finally, they are nicely designed for sure.

They have quite a range of fashion watches. It is likely you can find some that appeal to you and the look you want to create while wearing them.

So yes these, we argue that these are good value-adding qualities.

To learn about some Australian luxury watches, see our article on the 10 best Australian watches.

Summary for Are elite watches any good?

We have answered the question “Are elite watches any good?” with a resounding “Yes!” This is especially the case for exclusive and typically expensive luxury Swiss-made wristwatches. On balance, we said that elite watch brand watches are also likely to be good.


Checkout This Cool Watch Application

You have just got to check out this cool watch application! Wristwatch components are to be used to capture energy from a beating heart to drive its own pacemaker. This is such an interesting story I thought it a must to tell you more about it! Current technology pacemakers are powered by tiny batteries. These last a little longer than 2 years and so require their batteries to be changed out every 2 years. This causes a requirement for an operation (albeit relatively common one) on an otherwise healthy or at least stable patient. Naturally any operation, especially one accessing the heart carries with it associated risks of infection and other serious issues.

The Proposal

There is an amazing new proposal to drive a pacemaker from components similar to those in a classic momentum spring winding style Swiss wrist watch. Swiss watchmakers have been involved in developing the prototype. Researchers at Bern Hospital University came up with the idea but didn’t have the technical capability to build a prototype. They were sensible and contacted Swiss watch makers, who jumped at the chance to collaborate with the university researchers.

The idea is simple and one wonders why nobody had thought of developing this idea before. This is often how great new inventions appear after you hear about them. The idea is that the mechanics for motion winding a classic Swiss watch would also be able to generate enough electricity from the vibration and motion of a heartbeat to generate the very small amount of electricity to power a pacemaker.

Once you have the power coming into the mechanical device in the form of shaking or motion from the heartbeat you probably want to store that in the battery so that you always maintain a minimum power supply for moments when insufficient power is generated from the heart.

Think about the amount of effort it takes to wind a good quality Swiss watch for example. You take the pin between your fingers and roll it gently for a few moments. That energy is stored in the watch spring and that energy is returned to the watch over 24 hours. Similarly I can see that the heart muscle requires a large amount of energy to contract but a relatively small amount of energy to signal to the heart.

Another Cool Watch Application

Another invention comes to mind, that is the invention powering radios in isolated locations in Africa. The clockwork radio.

This English invention allows people to wind a crank attached to an enlarged clockwork-like mechanism built into a radio. They wind it for several minutes (a relatively large amount of energy) which provides enough energy to a spring which stores it to play the radio for long period of time, up to several hours. This is possible because the electrical signals necessary to play the radio requires only a small amount of electricity. You can see some parallels here too. So a heartbeat from the heart muscle provides quite a large amount of mechanical energy whereas the actual neural signal to tell the heart muscle when to contract requires only a very small amount of electricity (explained more below).

Another example at an even smaller energy use end of the scale is a Wi-Fi speaker and smartphone. An extremely small amount of energy in the form of a Wi-Fi signal is required to transmit the information to the Wi-Fi speaker device. Incidentally see this link for more information on smart phones. In regard to the Wi-Fi speaker a relatively larger amount of energy is required to power the speakers and so all Wi-Fi speakers must carry their own power supply normally in the form of batteries or perhaps with a power supply cable of their own.

Similarly the heart muscle has its large energy supplies stored within it; within the muscles in the form of chemical energy which one feeds of course via the bloodstream which comes from the food one eats. The brain, analogous to the Wi-Fi signal, provides just a very small low energy signal to tell the heart to contract and when to do so. The pacemaker of course is normally required in a patient who has trouble regulating the signal to tell the heart when to beat.

Prototype only

Note that that this is only at the first prototype stage of the research.

How do you Fund such Research?

Who do we have to thank for the development of this idea? This cool watch application was developed and financially supported by the research funds of the Department of Cardiology, Bern University Hospital, Bern, Switzerland, the Swiss Heart Foundation, and the Department of Cardiology, Bürgerspital Solothurn, Solothurn, Switzerland.

In Summary

So there you go that is how a small amount of energy recovered from the large energy relatively large energy mechanical energy coming from the heartbeat can be used to charge a battery and supply the relatively tiny signal needed to regulate the heart in the pacemaker. You can read more about this cool watch application by going to the Berne University Hospital article abstract here, which also names the experts involved.


Omega Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon Review

Welcome to our review of the Omega Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon watch. The Omega watch brand was the first watch on the moon in 1969. Just pause a moment to let that sink in. The first wristwatch on the moon. That can never be taken away or beaten. This version of the Speedmaster, the dark side of the moon, is so named in honour of that moment and because the black watch design relates to the dark side of our lunar orb.

The Omega Speedmaster was the first watch worn by an astronaut walking on the Moon during the Apollo 11 mission.

Dark Side of the Moon Watch Form and Design

When you select a watch, one of the most important considerations is the watch design. This watch has a magnificent design. The numbers and visual display are outstanding. (For other purchase considerations, please refer to our free watch buying guide.)

The watch body is cut from a black zirconium oxide ceramic. A single block. Similarly the face is also black zirconium ceramic. This makes the watch hard (abrasion resistant) and lightweight.

The Omega brand and numbers are all in white except in some versions the Speedmaster logo is in cursive red lettering. This model also have the poignant red tip on the second hand.

Functional Features of this Omega watch

Around the outside dial is the Tachyometer and numbering associated with that. Overal an impressive and clear look, plus the timekeeping functionality.

It is an officially certified chronometer. This is achieved with column-wheel chronograph mechanism and Si14 silicon spring mechanism. This arrangement is often claimed to be better than the Rolex mechanism.

Extremely handy is its water resistant capability, designed and guaranteed to 5 atmospheres which equates to 50 meters sub-sea level.

Speedmaster – What’s the Value?

The Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon comes with a four year, international warranty.

When you own such a watch, it gives you the distinction associated with the first watch on the moon.

Also an outstanding feature is the magnificence associated with the elite price expected for these quality Swiss-made watches. For around fifteen thousand Australian dollars it can be yours!

Summary of the Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of The Moon Watch Review

Our review of the Omega Speedmaster Dark side of the Moon watch has found it to be an exceptional watch. Overall it is one of the best watches on the market, and comes highly recommended should the price rest within your values for first-rate quality Swiss-made watches.


Wicked Wrist Watch Buying Guide

This wrist watch buying guide will take you through exactly what they do in the stores to help you decide on which watch to buy. Certain stores only serve up a specific brand or brands. Online you can search all sorts, certainly hundreds and probably thousands of options. That’s one reason we want to help. There can be too much information – so many brands and an incredible number of models. You can quickly get overload or suffer analysis paralytics. This watch buying guide breaks down the process into clearly defined decisions, and makes it easier for you.

How to buy a watch on-line or in-store:

Step 1: Decide on the Watch Brand You Want to Buy

This is listed the first step, but in fact it is organic – you can come back to this step at any stage in the process and commence from there again. If you are going to are large store like Myer or a Watch focussed boutique store like J. Farren-Price, you will find a wide range of watch brands to look at right there. You can also visit a single-brand shop like Tag Heuer. A good alternative to learn about the background of watch brands, (their history, where they manufacture, their unique specialities) is to check out more Wrist Watch pages and articles. A great place to look for an introduction to some major brands if you’re just starting out is The 10 Best Watch Brands Available in Australia Right Now (will open in a new tab).

Step 2: Decide Which Watch Face Colour Suits Your Complexion

This can also be considered as the first step if you don’t yet know which watch brand you would like and will come back to that later. Which colour watch would suit your skin, or your wardrobe? Which watch band colour?  The first part of this step is to consider whether a light or dark watch face (and watch band) will suit you. It’s about skin tones. Black watch or white watch? Rose gold watch or silver watch? These only you can decide because it is very much a personal choice.

Bare in mind the issues to watch out for highlighted in the brilliant guide: Women’s Watches – 10 EASY mistakes anyone can make researching women’s watches, and how to avoid them. This is important as it covers many potential mistakes anyone can make when considering which watch brand to buy.

Step 3: Decide if You Want an Automatic Watch or Battery Operated Watch

Automatic watch

Automatic watches have the beautiful internal mechanical arrangements which are self winding. Mechanical motion internally is stored within a winding (though it may be wound by the motion of the wearer rather than by winding the pin) and transferred through wheels and cogs pivoting on jewels. These are the watch types that can last ‘forever’. In theory. If they are serviced. And they can be serviced because they are mechanical timepieces. Components can be cleaned, replaced, and so on.

These automatic mechanical watches are typically the watches of the luxury watch brands that have high value, and can become collectors items. Vintage watches are a sizeable industry in their own right you know. They can be handed down from father to son, or passed on mother to daughter. With all the mechanical technology, and not withstanding the luxury watch prices, these types of watches can be slightly inaccurate. It’s not unusual for them to vary by one to two seconds per day.

Battery Operated Watch

Obviously battery operated watches have a battery (duh!), and this provides the power to drive the mechanism or electronic boards and programmable components (if it’s for a digital display or smartwatch). These watches can produce extremely accurate timekeeping due to the oscillating quartz crystal method being extremely accurate. These watches won’t stop if you don’t keep wearing them (although smartwatches typically require relatively frequent recharging). These watches can just go on and on for many years but eventually after many years, they will die for one reason or another – and then that’s it. Game Over. They can’t be serviced.

Step 4: Decide if You Want Water Resistant Watch or Dress Watch

Naturally the water resistant watches tend to be more sporty. Dress watches are more about style, luxury and/or form. Diving watches undoubtedly are water resistant. If you work on or near the water then it might make good sense. Dress watches may offer style and sophistication.

Step 5: Decide on Price

I believe this one is wise to consider early on before your heart is set on something though I have it listed last – it still really is  part of the finalisation step. After all, you wont get the watch until you pay. However you might not be able to get all you want in just any watch. Most big watch brands offer a range of models which amount to a range of prices after you’ve decided all of the above. Which watch brand you’ve selected goes a long way to determining the price range, and therefore the two may need to be considered in conjunction.

There are a whole number of brands and price ranges within each brand. For example Tag Heuer watches will retail from around $1300 to $4000. There are always more rare and more expensive watches. There are different watch brands aiming at different demographics of course. Casio G-Shock watches come in at a lower price point.

Wrist Watch Buying Guide Summary

This watch buying guide sets out the key steps you need to take to determine the right watch for you. Deciding which watch at each step is up to you. Determine you’re preferred watch brand, watch face colour and wrist band colour. This covers your overall look. Then with understanding of the features of automatic watches and battery-operated watches, make your selection. If you’re after a smartwatch then there is no decision. Decide upon your feature needs like water resistance or dress watch. Then, and perhaps throughout the whole process, ultimately you will decide on price.





The 10 Best Watch Brands Australia has available right now

Want to find out which watches make our ’10 Best’ list of the world’s best watch brands Australia has available right now? Then read on below for our selection of the best available and see why we made these choices (and learn a little more about these brands along the way).

10 best watch brands Australia has available
Tag Heuer – Don’t crack under pressure! Awesome display in Doha International Airport

Why is it important to focus on reviews about the watch brands Australia has available?

You can benefit from focusing on watch brands that are available here now, so you don’t waste your time researching reviews on international websites. The problem with international sites is there are an enormous number of additional watch brands not sold in Australia cluttering up the vision of what is here on our landscape, so to speak. You can avoid overload and save time. You don’t want to fall in love with something you can’t get here. And besides as you’ll see below, this 10 best list is a very impressive international list.

Let’s get straight down to it – here’s the list…

The 10 best watch brands Australia has available right now:

So we’re not going to muck about (you know that is our way here on Wrist Watch Reviews, Australia) we are going to get straight to the point and pump out the list.

  1. Rolex

  2. Omega

  3. Chopard

  4. Apple

  5. Montblanc

  6. IWC Schaffhausen

  7. Greubel Forsey

  8. Breitling

  9. Longines

  10. Tag Heuer

How did each watch brand qualify to make our best in Australia list?

Okay fine so you say, but on what basis have we selected these particular watches as the best watch brands Australia has available? The following notes give you a real quick introduction to each of the watch brands and why they made our list.

The Rolex brand has been around over a hundred years (since 1905 to be exact when it was founded in London, England). Can anyone argue a top ten list without including Rolex? It has such huge brand recognition, a pretty long company history, although actually younger than many other Swiss watch brands – hang on didn’t I just write something about England? Rolex moved to Geneva in 1919. It was the brand author Ian Flemming wrote his for his world famous spy character indicating that even in the 1950s Rolex was considered one of the luxury elite.

We’ve written before about Omega. They sponsored the 2016 Olympics. They are obviously one of THE world watch brands.  What more can one say? Well there is heaps more one can say. We could mention James Bond again (although we didn’t quite once before, if you noticed). But this time I’ll just say I have a personal fondness for the Omega brand, and I promise to follow up with another article another day to explain.

Chopard sponsors Aussie Formula 1 racing legend Mark Webber (he now of course is racing Porsches). Chopard has an extremely extensive history dating back to 1860 (although they started out making fob watches rather than wrist watches way back then). Also one of the Swiss watch elite.

The Apple watch simply has to be included in such a list now. They are in relative terms a newcomer to wrist watches, but I don’t need to tell you that they make the cut because they just force their way on there. The Apple watch is loved by those who adore either the fitness functions (and without going into details, these are standout) or the other smart features. The newer version is loved because it allows moving between apps with a sliding motion rather than only being possible by the tiny icon selection that was a distinction of their first watch. And to say one more thing: while not being expensive by comparison with elite analogue watches, they are not what one could call cheap.

Montblanc was founded in 1906 as a German pen manufacturer. Having a number of gentlemen’s luxury products under their belt, their brand is synonymous with their watches. Another great Aussie Hugh Jackman – loved by the ladies, modern film fans, theatre fans and more – is proudly sponsored by Montblanc. For us this puts them way up there in brand recognition, and therefore a must in an Australian top ten list.

Swiss watch manufacturer IWC Schaffhausen has been producing timepieces since 1868. Another company with extensive history. We really love the simplicity and clarity of watch face that is typical on IWC Schaffhausen watches. You will often pick up on someone’s watch the characters ‘IWC’ visible from a distance. Some people need a watch that is special and legible too. IWC Schaffhausen; Clarity.

Greubel Forsey. “Who?” (go the few echoes amongst the hoards…) Greubel Forsey are relative newcomers and reported to produce only 100 pieces per year. Wow. In the global supply and demand equation, this is incredible. Bear in mind if you wear one of these, probably only the elite will know and recognise them. And you will know.

Breitling are very well known as a creator of Swiss pilot’s watches. They have a long and distinguished history tracing back to 1884. The brand again is very recognisable with broad wings, capital B and anchor. They probably made the genre of pilot’s watches, and if you want one, then they’re your best bet.

The Longenes brand is instantly recognisable, their logo if not more so than their name and history. The logo is the winged hourglass, and their history started in Switzerland in 1832. That makes them the oldest in this list! They have some classic ladies watches and men’s watches, and you can see elegance dripping off your wrist with these darlings.

We’re going to finish on a high note, just to make sure it’s clear these are not necessarily in rank order. Tag Heuer are in a mutually beneficial relationship with Jamie Durie OA. Well, we mean they proudly sponsor him. Speaking of order, the OA stands for Order of Australia, as in Medal of the Order of Australia. Although we’re not sold on Tag Heuer’s advertising slogan of ‘Don’t crack under pressure’ (as you can see in the background of my photo of the Tag Heuer stand in the Doha International Airport), we love Jamie’s advice to “…bite off more than you can chew, and then chew like mad”. And as we’ve said before, we think he’s a great Aussie and you will struggle to find a better well known watch brand in Australia to boot. Powerful combination for brand recognition here in Aus.

Summary of the ’10 Best’ selection of watch brands Australia has available right now

All these watches are available in stores in most capital cities in Australia.

The selection includes fine and historic Swiss watch brands that typically originate from companies established over a century ago, and there are some favourites based on a few famous Aussies who know a thing or two about being the best. Of course these can only be based on our opinion at the time, and sound knowledge and reasoning of course! So now you have it just that little bit easier; you know a little more about the watch brands Australia has on offer that you can buy right now, and you’ve seen my cool pic of the Tag Heuer display.


Three smart watches for who? Fossil watch brand, that’s who.

Fossil Watch brand expands from one to three smart watches in a single bound! Does it make sense and are they for you?

Fossil watch announced two new smart watches at the Baselworld 2016, a huge US trade show devoted to watches and jewellery. These follow on from their first watch in the touch screen smart watch category.

This post is just a quick update rather than a full blown story. Easy to read if you have less than five minutes for a quick watch review fix.

Fossil watch - Amongst the best watch brands Australia has
Fossil watch – see our articles for Fossil watch reviews

You may know that Fossil have produced various ‘hybrid’ watches already. These have mechanical watch functioning with added smart watch functionality for measuring your everyday accomplishments such as steps, distance and calories burned. These are great for those who want the sophistication of an analogue watch but the added interest and usefulness of the smart features. No ugly plastic belt clip-on step counter required!!!

Smart Watch Numero uno:

Their first full smart watch was called the Fossil Q Founder.

The original Fossil watch for the smart watch market (the Fossil Q Founder) is the largest or bulkiest. Bulk is not necessarily bad in a men’s watch, the bigger the better for some of the bigger lads out there. But we might assume that for the first smart watch they look at what functionality they wanted to get in there, then make the watch case large enough to suit. In any case it makes sense for a touch screen to be large enough to actually get resolution in your touches.

The fact that it is a smart watch means it looks considerably different from a bulky men’s watch, even though it is not small. Smart watches with their smooth touch sensitive surface free of any of the bulky adornments typical in a large faced analogue men’s watch allows them to be a great option available in large volume to serve beautifully as one of the large faced women’s watches. Having said that, the Fossil Q Founder does still look more like a men’s watch. Read on to find suggested better watches for women in this category.

Smart watch Numero d__ ah well you know; the next one (!):

The two new ones are called the Fossil Q Wander and the Fossil Q Marshal.

The Fossil Q Wander has like many of the smart watches an interchangeable wrist band. As the black watch it looks like a fine and cool men’s watch As far as black watches go, you’d say it was refined rather than mean. In gold it really would suit anyone wanting to evoke a touch of class. The Fossil Q Wander is smaller and so becomes possible to serve as a women’s smart watch – which is undoubtedly in need as there are not yet many smart watches for women. These make very suitable large faced women’s watches, as the design is sleek, colours in black work okay but gold certainly passes as a watch for women needing a sleek and large face to suit their wrist and arm.

These watches really support the existing Fossil watch brand as the stylish modern designer of watch fashion it has become famous for. So yes it makes sense that Fossil push into the smart watch category; the message is consistent with the watch brand’s story. A great thing!

Related Link:

What is one of the most shocking things you may not know about the smart watch genre? Click to read the article “The 5 BEST SMART WATCH creations and how they owe their existence to … Crowd funding?!



Thanks for reading about the Fossil watch smart watches. We hope you continue to find Wrist Watch Review helps you research and learn about the best smart watches for men and women.

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Omega – The Choice of Commander Bond, James Bond – Or is it?

Mens watch - James Bond watch - Omega Seamaster
Ocean waves on the back of the Omega Seamaster men’s watch

Ocean waves feature brilliantly on the Omega Seamaster with the blue face. Evoking the ocean makes this a cool watch, not just because it is the watch of Commander James Bond, secret agent 007, but because the ambience of the ocean almost always gives you a cooler climate than on land. This is a hero’s watch!

Without question the James Bond character is a brilliant one to associate yourself with, if you have one of these watches to wear!

Weather you’re a Bond fan (you don’t have to be a fanatic to wear this watch) or simply a lover of diving, sailing, surfing or any activity you might love that you can enjoy in, on or by the sea, this could be a great choice for you.

So the question is, is this Omega watch the choice of:

  1. James Bond?
  2. Another character in the film?
  3. Someone not in the film?

So first thoughts go to the naval man, James bond. 007. Done. Easy. Well, yes but…

In the film series, the Omega Seamaster 300M automatic chronometer is fitted with all sorts of functions by the beloved and brilliant old British gentleman who goes by the character Q. Weather it’s a detonator or a laser, or a strong light and grappling hook, it seems as if Q has picked this watch out and modified it for Bond. But, no, he’s modifying Bond’s choice of watch for him, you might argue…

Okay so there’s a third option, and you’re probably suspicious that the answer I’m looking for is 3. Someone not in the film. Perhaps you’re thinking the author, Ian Flemming? Well, you’re getting warmer with the idea of a real person rather than a character, but I can categorically state Flemming did not choose this watch.

In the James Bond books Ian Flemming details a Rolex men’s watch for agent 007. Rolex is also a cool watch brand (my words, I guess they might use words that sound more elite!). Read about them elsewhere in our watch reviews. So anyway, it is not Ian Flemming who picked the Omega brand watch for James Bond.

Well then who am I looking for? I’m glad you asked! It’s a bit of a cheat, but the reality is that it was selected by Oscar-winning costume designer Lindy Hemming (no relation to Flemming of course).

So there you go. The answer is “3. Someone not ‘in’ the film”, costume designer Lindy Hemming.


Now before I go, I just want to emphasise a few key points.

You don’t have to be a secret agent to love the Omega Seamaster men’s watch! Who else might want to wear it? Just a few ideas below, do any of them sound like you? With over 85% of Australians living within 50 km of the coast, the scope is pretty huge.

  • Divers – of course! The Seamaster is a deep diving watch – it has a gas (helium) release valve to let gas pressure out of the watch as the water pressure changes during diving. This is the button in the James Bond films that is used to trigger the high tech gadgets that get used to save the day.
  • Professional sailors, amateur sailors
  • Pro Surfers, amateur surfers
  • Fishermen
  • lifeguards
  • Water police, policemen
  • Stand up paddle boarders (lol)
  • Anyone who engages in water sports
  • Anyone who works in a sea side cafe
  • Anyone who loves the sea even if you don’t work or play in the sea!

And really anyone who works in relation to the sea or ocean.

Read more watch reviews in our watch reviews category by clicking here for watch brands or here for more articles.


Thanks for reading about the Omega Seamaster deep diving watch. We hope you continue to find Wrist Watch Review helps you research and learn about the best watches for men.

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