Omega Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon Review

Welcome to our review of the Omega Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon watch. The Omega watch brand was the first watch on the moon in 1969. Just pause a moment to let that sink in. The first wristwatch on the moon. That can never be taken away or beaten. This version of the Speedmaster, the dark side of the moon, is so named in honour of that moment and because the black watch design relates to the dark side of our lunar orb.

The Omega Speedmaster was the first watch worn by an astronaut walking on the Moon during the Apollo 11 mission.

Dark Side of the Moon Watch Form and Design

When you select a watch, one of the most important considerations is the watch design. This watch has a magnificent design. The numbers and visual display are outstanding. (For other purchase considerations, please refer to our free watch buying guide.)

The watch body is cut from a black zirconium oxide ceramic. A single block. Similarly the face is also black zirconium ceramic. This makes the watch hard (abrasion resistant) and lightweight.

The Omega brand and numbers are all in white except in some versions the Speedmaster logo is in cursive red lettering. This model also have the poignant red tip on the second hand.

Functional Features of this Omega watch

Around the outside dial is the Tachyometer and numbering associated with that. Overal an impressive and clear look, plus the timekeeping functionality.

It is an officially certified chronometer. This is achieved with column-wheel chronograph mechanism and Si14 silicon spring mechanism. This arrangement is often claimed to be better than the Rolex mechanism.

Extremely handy is its water resistant capability, designed and guaranteed to 5 atmospheres which equates to 50 meters sub-sea level.

Speedmaster – What’s the Value?

The Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon comes with a four year, international warranty.

When you own such a watch, it gives you the distinction associated with the first watch on the moon.

Also an outstanding feature is the magnificence associated with the elite price expected for these quality Swiss-made watches. For around fifteen thousand Australian dollars it can be yours!

Summary of the Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of The Moon Watch Review

Our review of the Omega Speedmaster Dark side of the Moon watch has found it to be an exceptional watch. Overall it is one of the best watches on the market, and comes highly recommended should the price rest within your values for first-rate quality Swiss-made watches.


Omega – The Choice of Commander Bond, James Bond – Or is it?

Mens watch - James Bond watch - Omega Seamaster
Ocean waves on the back of the Omega Seamaster men’s watch

Ocean waves feature brilliantly on the Omega Seamaster with the blue face. Evoking the ocean makes this a cool watch, not just because it is the watch of Commander James Bond, secret agent 007, but because the ambience of the ocean almost always gives you a cooler climate than on land. This is a hero’s watch!

Without question the James Bond character is a brilliant one to associate yourself with, if you have one of these watches to wear!

Weather you’re a Bond fan (you don’t have to be a fanatic to wear this watch) or simply a lover of diving, sailing, surfing or any activity you might love that you can enjoy in, on or by the sea, this could be a great choice for you.

So the question is, is this Omega watch the choice of:

  1. James Bond?
  2. Another character in the film?
  3. Someone not in the film?

So first thoughts go to the naval man, James bond. 007. Done. Easy. Well, yes but…

In the film series, the Omega Seamaster 300M automatic chronometer is fitted with all sorts of functions by the beloved and brilliant old British gentleman who goes by the character Q. Weather it’s a detonator or a laser, or a strong light and grappling hook, it seems as if Q has picked this watch out and modified it for Bond. But, no, he’s modifying Bond’s choice of watch for him, you might argue…

Okay so there’s a third option, and you’re probably suspicious that the answer I’m looking for is 3. Someone not in the film. Perhaps you’re thinking the author, Ian Flemming? Well, you’re getting warmer with the idea of a real person rather than a character, but I can categorically state Flemming did not choose this watch.

In the James Bond books Ian Flemming details a Rolex men’s watch for agent 007. Rolex is also a cool watch brand (my words, I guess they might use words that sound more elite!). Read about them elsewhere in our watch reviews. So anyway, it is not Ian Flemming who picked the Omega brand watch for James Bond.

Well then who am I looking for? I’m glad you asked! It’s a bit of a cheat, but the reality is that it was selected by Oscar-winning costume designer Lindy Hemming (no relation to Flemming of course).

So there you go. The answer is “3. Someone not ‘in’ the film”, costume designer Lindy Hemming.


Now before I go, I just want to emphasise a few key points.

You don’t have to be a secret agent to love the Omega Seamaster men’s watch! Who else might want to wear it? Just a few ideas below, do any of them sound like you? With over 85% of Australians living within 50 km of the coast, the scope is pretty huge.

  • Divers – of course! The Seamaster is a deep diving watch – it has a gas (helium) release valve to let gas pressure out of the watch as the water pressure changes during diving. This is the button in the James Bond films that is used to trigger the high tech gadgets that get used to save the day.
  • Professional sailors, amateur sailors
  • Pro Surfers, amateur surfers
  • Fishermen
  • lifeguards
  • Water police, policemen
  • Stand up paddle boarders (lol)
  • Anyone who engages in water sports
  • Anyone who works in a sea side cafe
  • Anyone who loves the sea even if you don’t work or play in the sea!

And really anyone who works in relation to the sea or ocean.

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