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5 of the BEST MEN’S WATCHES and the men to emulate to demonstrate your higher valueWho are they, which watch brands do they wear and why should you consider them when you create your image and be yourself?

As we work through the top 5 you’ll soon find a quick selection of the best watches for men in Australia. Cool? Okay, let’s start.

We are going to respond to the last part of the opening question first, because it is essential. You need the best watch to complete your image. (Sounds a bit simple or even odd perhaps …but wait there’s more!) Just hang off and don’t judge too soon – you’ll see what I mean.

Put aside rappers who make wearing ‘bling’ a thing, it’s the choice of men’s wrist watch that gives us the opportunity to demonstrate high self-value. That is, in general we don’t wear much jewellery. Take note, this isn’t just about net worth. Although there can be times when that can help. It’s about valuing yourself highly and demonstrating to those around you that you have inherent wealth, and when you wear the right wrist watch, you don’t need to say a word to send this message. Your wrist-watch is there already subtly completing your image and demonstrating your higher value. If it is not in your character to brag or boast, then just be yourself and augment your presence with your selection of the many cool watches available – it works just fine.

1. Omega Men’s Watch – James Bond

Let’s take for example, the movie character James Bond. This fictional character is very well known world-wide (and admired in Australia as much as anywhere else). The not-so-secret agent gets the hottest women, defeats the villain to save the world and has a great time doing it! It’s so exciting and we love it. I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. You may also know that product placement works and is alive and well in the Bond films. The best part about it is that very same product placement psychology works for you by working subconsciously on those around you. By wearing the same watch brand as 007, you have working for you a good portion of that non-verbal 93% of non-spoken communication* (see below). Hmm, lucky you!

Do people around realise you’re wearing the Bond watch? Maybe. It certainly is an interesting discussion starter. But even if they don’t realise, the subconscious mind works in amazing ways and so they associate the essence of that character – daring, dashing, charming – in your presence when you wear one of the same men’s watches as Bond. Brilliant!

Product placement works … and it works for YOU!

Okay so which is the men’s watch brand worn by Bond? It’s the Omega watch brand! In recent films Bond wears an Omega Seamaster watch (but notes there are several variations). The Omega watch brand with the kudos from being the James Bond watch brand alone might stack up for many as the best men’s watch brand.

2. Rolex – James Bond (again… but why?)

There have been many James Bonds and many James Bond watches, but only two watch brands in the history of James Bond. The original 007, is fleshed out by author Ian Fleming as wearing a Rolex watch. The first Bond movies have James sporting a Rolex Submariner watch or Oyster Perpetual Chronometer. Of course it is now recognised as an absolute classic men’s watch.

people around you …associate the essence of that character – daring, dashing, charming – in your presence when you wear one of the same men’s watches as (James) Bond. Brilliant!

I’ve put the Omega men’s watch first out of the two brands above because they are also the watch brand that sponsored the 2016 Olympics in Brazil. Hard to beat.

3. Chopard Watch Brand – Mark Webber

Now we get into the watch brands worn by famous Australian men like Aussie Formula 1 driver Mark Webber (now racing with Porsche). Mark drives his Porsche 919 wearing a Swiss luxury brand Chopard watch. He is quoted, not surprisingly, as saying he “really likes his Chopard Superfast Chrono Porsche 919 Edition” watch. It features the details and colours of the Porsche 919 racing car.

The same rules apply about copying (or emulating) stand-out dashing, charming real life icons as it does with movie characters. A little of their magic rubs off on us when we wear what they model. And still we don’t even have to say a word, it just works!

4. Montblanc men’s watch – Hugh Jackman

When I flew into Paris airport not all that long ago, and went into shops in France, I noticed Aussie Actor Hugh Jackman is so conspicuous up there on the big bulletin boards. Famous, charming, good looking and exceptionally talented, he is undoubtedly one of Australia’s best known and loved actors. When you see him up there, someone so aspired and inspiring, it kind of makes you feel proud to be an Aussie too!

Hugh Jackman wears a Montblanc men’s watch. Montblanc are pleased to be associated with him, and then in turn you too could be pleased no doubt to be associated with Hugh’s persona via a Montblanc men’s watch. Charm, good looks, talent and more associated with you via your watch. See how it works?

5. Tag Watch – Jamie Durie

Popular Australian TV show host and business genius Jamie Durie is a great bloke. Not sure you know he was awarded the honour of the Order of Australia for his environmental and charitable work. Jamie a wears Tag Heuer men’s watch.

Jamie is well recognised in Australia, and one thing we know for sure, the ladies love him. (And by the way, if you’re a lady reading this searching for men’s watches for a gift for someone you love, why don’t you also check out our women’s watches category? Go on, you know you want to…)

Anyway you now know how the story goes: wear a Tag watch (Tag Heuer men’s watch to be more precise), and you give your own presence a boost. Be sure to check them out while you’re here – click to view our watch review articles. Tag watches are possibly the pinnacle of luxury Swiss made watches.


* Studies have shown that spoken word can be as small as 7% of overall communication.

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Summary of the 5 best Men’s Watches

The 5 best men’s watches Australia can consider based on the iconic men who wear and promote them are the Omega men’s watch, the Rolex men’s watch, the Chopard watch brand, Montblanc men’s watches, and lastly but by no means least, Tag Heuer.