The 10 Best Watch Brands Australia has available right now

Want to find out which watches make our ’10 Best’ list of the world’s best watch brands Australia has available right now? Then read on below for our selection of the best available and see why we made these choices (and learn a little more about these brands along the way).

10 best watch brands Australia has available
Tag Heuer – Don’t crack under pressure! Awesome display in Doha International Airport

Why is it important to focus on reviews about the watch brands Australia has available?

You can benefit from focusing on watch brands that are available here now, so you don’t waste your time researching reviews on international websites. The problem with international sites is there are an enormous number of additional watch brands not sold in Australia cluttering up the vision of what is here on our landscape, so to speak. You can avoid overload and save time. You don’t want to fall in love with something you can’t get here. And besides as you’ll see below, this 10 best list is a very impressive international list.

Let’s get straight down to it – here’s the list…

The 10 best watch brands Australia has available right now:

So we’re not going to muck about (you know that is our way here on Wrist Watch Reviews, Australia) we are going to get straight to the point and pump out the list.

  1. Rolex

  2. Omega

  3. Chopard

  4. Apple

  5. Montblanc

  6. IWC Schaffhausen

  7. Greubel Forsey

  8. Breitling

  9. Longines

  10. Tag Heuer

How did each watch brand qualify to make our best in Australia list?

Okay fine so you say, but on what basis have we selected these particular watches as the best watch brands Australia has available? The following notes give you a real quick introduction to each of the watch brands and why they made our list.

The Rolex brand has been around over a hundred years (since 1905 to be exact when it was founded in London, England). Can anyone argue a top ten list without including Rolex? It has such huge brand recognition, a pretty long company history, although actually younger than many other Swiss watch brands – hang on didn’t I just write something about England? Rolex moved to Geneva in 1919. It was the brand author Ian Flemming wrote his for his world famous spy character indicating that even in the 1950s Rolex was considered one of the luxury elite.

We’ve written before about Omega. They sponsored the 2016 Olympics. They are obviously one of THE world watch brands.  What more can one say? Well there is heaps more one can say. We could mention James Bond again (although we didn’t quite once before, if you noticed). But this time I’ll just say I have a personal fondness for the Omega brand, and I promise to follow up with another article another day to explain.

Chopard sponsors Aussie Formula 1 racing legend Mark Webber (he now of course is racing Porsches). Chopard has an extremely extensive history dating back to 1860 (although they started out making fob watches rather than wrist watches way back then). Also one of the Swiss watch elite.

The Apple watch simply has to be included in such a list now. They are in relative terms a newcomer to wrist watches, but I don’t need to tell you that they make the cut because they just force their way on there. The Apple watch is loved by those who adore either the fitness functions (and without going into details, these are standout) or the other smart features. The newer version is loved because it allows moving between apps with a sliding motion rather than only being possible by the tiny icon selection that was a distinction of their first watch. And to say one more thing: while not being expensive by comparison with elite analogue watches, they are not what one could call cheap.

Montblanc was founded in 1906 as a German pen manufacturer. Having a number of gentlemen’s luxury products under their belt, their brand is synonymous with their watches. Another great Aussie Hugh Jackman – loved by the ladies, modern film fans, theatre fans and more – is proudly sponsored by Montblanc. For us this puts them way up there in brand recognition, and therefore a must in an Australian top ten list.

Swiss watch manufacturer IWC Schaffhausen has been producing timepieces since 1868. Another company with extensive history. We really love the simplicity and clarity of watch face that is typical on IWC Schaffhausen watches. You will often pick up on someone’s watch the characters ‘IWC’ visible from a distance. Some people need a watch that is special and legible too. IWC Schaffhausen; Clarity.

Greubel Forsey. “Who?” (go the few echoes amongst the hoards…) Greubel Forsey are relative newcomers and reported to produce only 100 pieces per year. Wow. In the global supply and demand equation, this is incredible. Bear in mind if you wear one of these, probably only the elite will know and recognise them. And you will know.

Breitling are very well known as a creator of Swiss pilot’s watches. They have a long and distinguished history tracing back to 1884. The brand again is very recognisable with broad wings, capital B and anchor. They probably made the genre of pilot’s watches, and if you want one, then they’re your best bet.

The Longenes brand is instantly recognisable, their logo if not more so than their name and history. The logo is the winged hourglass, and their history started in Switzerland in 1832. That makes them the oldest in this list! They have some classic ladies watches and men’s watches, and you can see elegance dripping off your wrist with these darlings.

We’re going to finish on a high note, just to make sure it’s clear these are not necessarily in rank order. Tag Heuer are in a mutually beneficial relationship with Jamie Durie OA. Well, we mean they proudly sponsor him. Speaking of order, the OA stands for Order of Australia, as in Medal of the Order of Australia. Although we’re not sold on Tag Heuer’s advertising slogan of ‘Don’t crack under pressure’ (as you can see in the background of my photo of the Tag Heuer stand in the Doha International Airport), we love Jamie’s advice to “…bite off more than you can chew, and then chew like mad”. And as we’ve said before, we think he’s a great Aussie and you will struggle to find a better well known watch brand in Australia to boot. Powerful combination for brand recognition here in Aus.

Summary of the ’10 Best’ selection of watch brands Australia has available right now

All these watches are available in stores in most capital cities in Australia.

The selection includes fine and historic Swiss watch brands that typically originate from companies established over a century ago, and there are some favourites based on a few famous Aussies who know a thing or two about being the best. Of course these can only be based on our opinion at the time, and sound knowledge and reasoning of course! So now you have it just that little bit easier; you know a little more about the watch brands Australia has on offer that you can buy right now, and you’ve seen my cool pic of the Tag Heuer display.


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