Three smart watches for who? Fossil watch brand, that’s who.

Fossil Watch brand expands from one to three smart watches in a single bound! Does it make sense and are they for you?

Fossil watch announced two new smart watches at the Baselworld 2016, a huge US trade show devoted to watches and jewellery. These follow on from their first watch in the touch screen smart watch category.

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You may know that Fossil have produced various ‘hybrid’ watches already. These have mechanical watch functioning with added smart watch functionality for measuring your everyday accomplishments such as steps, distance and calories burned. These are great for those who want the sophistication of an analogue watch but the added interest and usefulness of the smart features. No ugly plastic belt clip-on step counter required!!!

Smart Watch Numero uno:

Their first full smart watch was called the Fossil Q Founder.

The original Fossil watch for the smart watch market (the Fossil Q Founder) is the largest or bulkiest. Bulk is not necessarily bad in a men’s watch, the bigger the better for some of the bigger lads out there. But we might assume that for the first smart watch they look at what functionality they wanted to get in there, then make the watch case large enough to suit. In any case it makes sense for a touch screen to be large enough to actually get resolution in your touches.

The fact that it is a smart watch means it looks considerably different from a bulky men’s watch, even though it is not small. Smart watches with their smooth touch sensitive surface free of any of the bulky adornments typical in a large faced analogue men’s watch allows them to be a great option available in large volume to serve beautifully as one of the large faced women’s watches. Having said that, the Fossil Q Founder does still look more like a men’s watch. Read on to find suggested better watches for women in this category.

Smart watch Numero d__ ah well you know; the next one (!):

The two new ones are called the Fossil Q Wander and the Fossil Q Marshal.

The Fossil Q Wander has like many of the smart watches an interchangeable wrist band. As the black watch it looks like a fine and cool men’s watch As far as black watches go, you’d say it was refined rather than mean. In gold it really would suit anyone wanting to evoke a touch of class. The Fossil Q Wander is smaller and so becomes possible to serve as a women’s smart watch – which is undoubtedly in need as there are not yet many smart watches for women. These make very suitable large faced women’s watches, as the design is sleek, colours in black work okay but gold certainly passes as a watch for women needing a sleek and large face to suit their wrist and arm.

These watches really support the existing Fossil watch brand as the stylish modern designer of watch fashion it has become famous for. So yes it makes sense that Fossil push into the smart watch category; the message is consistent with the watch brand’s story. A great thing!

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