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5 top features of Watch Brands to ask about or you’ll miss out. 

We advise you on the best watch brands and watch manufacturers, and in this article we focus on the qualities to look for so you can consider which watch brand provides what matters to you. 

Within Wrist Watch Review .com.AU we will cover Seiko watches, Casio watches, take a ‘Captain Cook’ at the Fossil watch, all those magnificent Swiss watch brands Australia loves and many more. We will cover the amazing Aussie manufacturer and all the Australian watch brands too.

You can choose to learn about how to assess and decide what you’re looking for first (on our features page), and this page will help to learn about the watch brands and manufacturers.

There are brands and there are manufacturers. Sometimes the manufacturer has developed their name into a big name watch brand, sometimes the brand existed from selling other goods and they expanded into the watch market. It may or may not matter to you how they came about, and to others it matters a great deal. So we aim to advise you to be aware of their background and how consistent their history is with what they say or demonstrate in their marking. Take a little time to read about the various watch suppliers and it could pay big dividends to you when you go to buy your desired watch.

Many watch manufacturers have been in the industry making time pieces for a very long time. These manufacturing brands proudly advertise their start date equally with their brand. Indeed the year of commencement of the business is integral with their brand.

5 top features of Watch Brands to ask about or you’ll miss out

Note that these are relevant to men’s watch brands and women’s watch brands alike.

1. Quality

This is all about quality of product. Does it do what it needs to do? For a timepiece that focuses on accurate time keeping, it means that it does not lose or game time during the course of its operation. Does the watch continue to run over the expected time frame. Can it do what it claims it can or what you expect of it if you buy it for that purpose based on a promise made, be that time keeping accuracy or capability of a certain performance (if other than time)? Other performance characteristics depend on the claims by the watch manufacturer and your needs; if you want GPS performance to track your path or pin point performance, then you require the watch to actually perform to the desired accuracy of these things. This is why you want to know which is the best watch for quality in that area. You want to know is it most accurate or otherwise is it most capable of the function you desire.

It is not to say that a big brand that gets their design printed on a mass produced core doesn’t have the necessary quality, but if your requirements stipulate uniqueness, accurate time keeping and consistency of performance, then you just might not be getting the quality you think you are (if you didn’t know that is what they do).

2. Watch Brand Identity

Sometimes the consumer views having a famous identity as the key item, other times it is the uniqueness or individuality of the brand that matters most. Luxury watch brands have built an identity aligned with luxury lifestyle and are careful not to mess with it, so they stick to luxury watches and nothing else.

Great brands are built by reinforcing a quality, a theme, a message, a product, or series of products, which means that a great brand is normally built over time. However you can see by this description it is really by reinforcement that a brand is built. You can see it is how a brand can also be built in a short amount of time via means which generate exceptional and reinforced reach into the market or community. The difference worth noting is that performance over time is a special and discretely limited way to build watch brand identity. But now you see also that watch brand identity can be created in other ways too, like mass media or viral marketing.

A great brand is normally built over time… it is really by reinforcement that a brand is built

Integral to the view of a brand is the audience that views it. This way of explaining brand identity (as reinforcement to an audience) also allows you to see that a watch brand can be relevant to an individual, a community, a market, a wide population, or to the whole world. So you can also see that what matters to you might be that the brand is well recognised and well regarded by others around you.

3. Watch Brand History

A watch brand and manufacturer may have had a long history or a short history. We at Wrist-watch Review ( aim to advise clearly on how long an enterprise has been in existence and how long they have been making watches like they sell today. Generally a long history is prized by the manufacturers that have it. It indicates to the world that they have been around a long time and they know what they are doing. Many Swiss watch brands in particular include the date their company started along with their brand everywhere it is printed or displayed, including on the watch face itself. It demonstrates pride in their history, but also emphasises uniqueness that other newcomers can’t match.

They aim to develop in our minds that they have built an experience base that is really worth something more in the creation of the watches they make now. Generally this is true. However a recent newcomer to manufacturing or branding may make (or have produced for them) watches that excel at your key desired features, and so they may compete very well with a manufacturer with a long history. It is just reasonable to expect that if they position themselves as having a special or noteworthy history, that it be true!

4. Consistency

This can refer to ‘consistency of message’ and ‘consistency of performance’. Are they a new player but claim to have an extensive history? In this case reality is inconsistent with the message. Have they historically made quality mechanical analogue time pieces, but now they use a cheap digital core? This inconsistency is of type and quality. Have they made a name in men’s sports watches but now advertise women’s bracelet watches? This is an inconsistency of market sector or advertising and may detract from the brand. When a company sponsors the Olympics you don’t expect them to next be sponsoring a computer gaming convention. While this is of cause possible and may even be desired, the team behind the brand must be sure that the advertising reaches the audience intended without being in conflict with what other message they have reached that particular audience with.

5. Brand Advantage

Watch brands and watch manufacturers that appeal more to you will undoubtedly have some advantage over the others that meet the features you’re looking for. It might be their competitive advantage is price. It might be quality for example, or it might be the watch brand is recognised more widely (brand identity). It might be that they are the best watch brand to you because they have the features you are looking for.

Similarly it might be that their vision or mission states or articulates what you believe in or align with. It might give you the opportunity to demonstrate high self-value. It could demonstrate that you are part of a local group identity or community, or it might identify you as part of an elite group. These are the sorts of things that will make you want to buy that brand above all others.

You can see that these top 5 key features of watch brands are inter-related because they each have at least one component that is somehow relevant from one or more of the other key features. When you’ve learnt enough about watch manufactures and brands, and you already understand the watch features you are after, then it is great to get into searching through our watch reviews. If you want to understand more about how men’s watches help you demonstrate higher value, click here for our Men’s Watches category.


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Summary of the 5 top features of Watch Brands to ask about:

In summary, the top five features you should ask yourself about when considering and comparing different watch brands are: Quality, watch brand identity, watch brand history, consistency, and brand advantage.