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Ladies watches - Geneva gold ladies watch
Women’s watches – Geneva gold ladies watch

10 EASY mistakes anyone can make researching women’s watches, and how to avoid them. 

Some of these ideas for researching women’s watches could really save you, in terms of money spent, time lost or even embarrassment if you get it wrong.

We all want to find the best women’s watch be it for you or a gift for someone you care about – and for that matter this will really help you gorgeous gentlemen searching through ladies watches for a gift for someone you love too! (Oh and guys while you’re here, don’t forget to check out our men’s watches here). So this is what we want but how do we do it?

As there are an infinite number of ways you can go about researching women’s watches, we are going to take a look at what can go wrong, so you can avoid these easy mistakes that anyone can make. After that, the rest we’ll leave for you to show your creative flair!

I trust this exercise is not going to be like when a friend cheekily says ‘don’t think of an elephant’ and you immediately picture a large grey animal! I mean to say don’t worry, you won’t now see these mistakes and move towards them – discovering these mistakes will really help you and their solutions are all about being aware of the steps to take so you can avoid them, the mistakes are so often a lack of consideration; once considered the mistake is impossible. No worries!

Alright-y then, get excited and let’s get started!

1. They rush in to buy the best watch and don’t do research

The number one failing in preparing research is to fail to do any research at all! How do you know which is the best watch, if you haven’t done the research? Mistakes are often made when we jump to the end and grasp at what we think is the solution before we’ve really done the prerequisite work to assess it properly. We’re not to blame you know; it’s human nature. Imagine a scene long ago in which there are tigers in our midst rustling through the undergrowth (just to extend our jungle animal theme a little further – thank you mother nature), the female watches, ready to pounce, but our ancestor’s survival instinct said ‘jump and run, don’t waste time assessing all the options!’  The ones that didn’t… well, let’s just say they are not our ancestors. So we didn’t all inherit those genes to take time to assess properly first.

As you’ll see below there are many things you can do prior to purchase to help you end up with the best result. AND you’re already ahead of the game on this one, because you’re reading all about what to do to buy the best watches for women on Wrist Watch Review .com.au! (I say ‘good on you’!)


2. They don’t talk to the recipient about the watch – if it’s for a gift

This I admit this is a tough one. When you want to get someone a gift, we normally do it as a surprise, so how do we be sure we have the best watch for them? Well of course if you are going to give someone a beautiful ladies watch, perhaps a bracelet watch, then you are obviously going to be very close and perhaps you already do know her well. So, do we engage her in a heart-to-heart about likes and dislikes? “Jenny, I LOVED that DKNY bag of yours, how do you feel about DKNY watches?” I’d say this is an area to tread carefully.

It is not too hard to talk about some jewellery and fashion in general and casually enquire about their tastes or experiences and in particular their past or old watches. Something that went bad? Something they didn’t like? If everything else about the gift idea is a surprise, then they will likely not catch on. If they get suspicious or if they guess, it’s not the end of the world. They’ll find out eventually anyway, right?

Give yourself a chance to hear that the reason they don’t have a watch on right now is that they don’t want to wear one, if that is the case!  The important thing here is to know what to stay well away from; just find out enough to know what they really don’ like. Oh and it never hurts to keep the receipt or confirm they will be allowed to exchange should the worst thing happen. So you see, you’ve thought about it, you can subtly enquire, and then you also can have a backup plan.


3. They don’t reflect on past loved watches

Okay, so now we’re back thinking about something for ourselves. This step is not unlike step two for someone we know well, and it is even easier and we can do it in more depth. Take time to reflect on past watches you’ve owned, and also consider other jewellery like bracelets. Naturally each of these things you will inherently know, but it can crystallise what you never tried to articulate before if you write it down on paper. You don’t want to repeat past mistakes!

Make up a short list of things you liked and didn’t like. Are there some things you really want to avoid? Jot them down. Are there some things you really loved? Note those down. This might not cover every possibility, particularly if you’ve never owned luxury watches or the type you’re now looking into. But it will bring clarity and because the process takes a little time, trust me it will allow your mind to bring forth a few older and deeper memories that might not otherwise get the chance as you go about your busy life.


4. They don’t think about what they haven’t yet had experience with

This step does sound a little strange. It is all about recognising what you haven’t had the opportunity to try. It’s all about recognising what you don’t know. This might be just as important as recognising what you do know.

Try thinking more about some of the other options out there that you haven’t tried. How do you think they would fit your wants and needs? Will they be comfortable (does it matter to you)? Is there now a trend that you haven’t yet had the good fortune to try and find if you like it? Maybe classic is the way to go. Maybe the whole point is to try something new. There’s no right or wrong answer, just recognise that there might be a blind spot for you with something that is new to you. Once you identify something different, you can talk to others about those and find how these new features have worked -or not worked – for them.


5. They decide on the same watch as a friend but they aren’t alike

You’ve seen it before, two friends with the same things – revelling in having the same, like a team of sorts. Cohorts. And yet they are sufficiently different in nature or looks or shape that the result is different for each. I have friends with which we know when to match and when there’s a catch, so to speak. That can be fine, even a lot of fun. All we need is to avoid causing a problem for oneself when we’re the person doing the watch research. You probably can’t have the same sun glasses as everyone – different shaped face means the result is different, similar for hair colour – and no doubt that is one reason why they are so many different styles. Watches for women can be just the same: everyone’s wrists are different, long and slender, fuller shape, pale or bronzed and so on. Some simply need to look for large faced women’s watches, because something larger suits but they still want that feminine design (in this case a men’s watch won’t do).

So for example if your friend ports a silver watch which looks great on her, and white gold is not really your style, then when you take a moment to consider you will feel that although the same colour watch might bring you closer together and rewarding in its own way, you know you’d better focus on what’s right for you. It might be those gold watches if you prefer, or that a style with a leather watch band that gives the warmth against your skin that you prefer.


6. They don’t think about future image and what they need and want

Women’s watches do far more than tell the time. They speak of a person, of a life. Take a moment to look where you’re going. You know I’m not being impolite. I mean metaphorically. Please forgive me an instant while I burst into a literary moment to reinforce my point:

Alice said: “I was just wondering if you could help me find my way.”
Cheshire cat: (yes I know, not quite another jungle animal!): Well that depends on where you want to get to.
Alice: “Oh, it really doesn’t matter, as long as…”
Cheshire cat: Then it really doesn’t matter which way you go. 

Lewis Carroll – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

I’m hoping you catch my drift (oops there goes that literary moment!). If you don’t cultivate a vision of at least some kind then it’s going to come to pass that you’re just as likely to end up somewhere else as there. You don’t want to be disappointed. Why do I get the feeling I’m preaching to the converted?


7. They don’t think about loved brands to find their range of ladies watches

No I’m not trying to be condescending, just complete. As obvious as it might seem that this does happen with the world’s biggest brands, you might not be aware that one of your favoured brands is has done so. To explain: there are a lot of great brands popular from other products such as, say, their leather goods, who use that powerful brand to cross over to create a women’s watch brand range. It makes sense to have a leather strap that matches a leather bag. Its good for the manufacturer and it’s good for us. Hey, it’s win-win!

So do keep an eye out in case a favoured brand has a ladies watch range you haven’t noticed before. Research on ladies watches in Australia with us is one way to do it!


8. They only think about brands they love, though that watch brand range is unsuitable

This is clearly related to number seven. It can happen particularly when a brand has a unique position or a small range in their women’s watches. It is less likely a small range can be broad enough in size or style or materials to satisfy everyone. You might love their brand but their women’s watches might not have enough variety to suit you (yet – here’s hoping!).

So take a look at your needs, the things you need to avoid and the image you aspire to, as covered in the earlier solutions above, to remind yourself ‘is there any watch in this range that is really suitable?’ If so great. It is a really helpful to ask yourself what you think, but also ask yourself how you feel” If something isn’t right you might feel a little unsure or uneasy. This can happen because you’re trying to convince yourself with logic while your subconscious knows and is trying to send you a message. Listen to your heart as they say.


9. They want to buy based only on watch price

For some this ought to be at the top of the list. At Wrist Watch Review .com.AU we like to remind each other that there is a difference between price and value. You certainly must know your budget so search for women’s watches within that and don’t try to find the absolute lowest price. One reason is that it might cost you more in the long run. The best watches can last a long time and furthermore they can be serviced and so really can last a lifetime. Cheap watches might not last you 12 months. If you have to replace it again and again, you’ll find you have a ‘false economy’.

So shop around for bargains, good value items at reduced prices as most of us Aussies do, and when tempted to economise too much, try to remember to ask yourself ‘how else will these cheap watches cost me?!

10. They don’t think about watch prices first

It hasn’t escaped me, the irony that I’ve chosen to put this one last instead of first! But in fact it’s not as silly as it might at first seem: now that we’ve gone through 10 mistakes you don’t want to make when researching which watch, now you are ready to buy, and last two points about watch prices is there front of mind.

It can be painful, unrequited love. Don’t fall in love at first sight with one or a selection of luxury watches before you know you can cope with the price tag.

Ladies take care to work out your price range before you search too much, and then only search within that range.

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Summary of the 10 mistakes anyone can make when researching Women’s Watches:

The mistakes you can avoid just by being aware of them start with: rushing in to buy the best women’s watch without research (you’ve now already got a big tick on that one)! If it’s for a gift not talking to the recipient about it. Not considering past watches you loved. Not thinking about what you haven’t yet tried or had experience with. Deciding to copy a friend but their ladies watch doesn’t suit you as well as it does them; everyone is different. To not consider your future image and what you need or want to create. To not think about beloved brands to see if they have created a range of women’s watches. To focus only on brands you already know and love which could limit your options and constrain you to a range of women’s watches that is unsuitable for you. To buy only based on price. And finally, to not think about watch prices first to know if you can afford what is on offer from a particular vendor.